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New study by Centre for Science and Environment shatters the myth of star-rated ACs

New study by Centre for Science and Environment shatters the myth of star-rated ACs

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For the complete study report, please click here  
Watch Anumita Roychowdhury explain the CSE study

Vienna climate meet sets the stage for a deal on HFC phase-down

Amendment to Montreal Protocol should be ambitious and should provide provisions to address energy efficiency, says CSE

“Climate change poses a powerful challenge to the idea of freedom”: Amitav Ghosh, before the CSE-Penguin release of his latest book, The Great Derangement

Down To Earth, the environment and development fortnightly, celebrates 25 years of its existence by launching Ghosh’s book on climate change; publishes exclusive excerpts and interview

CSE director general Sunita Narain will be in conversation with Ghosh at the launch of the book

Can Bharat be ‘Swacch’ without Sanitation Plans?

CSE Conclave on City Sanitation Plans and Septage Management

  • As India’s urbanisation matches its economic growth, it is important to ensure the health and hygiene of the teeming millions in its cities

  • A proper sanitation plan is therefore imperative for existing as well as planned urban centres, especially towns intended to become ‘smart’ cities under the government’s Smart Cities Mission

DROUGHT DIARIES: A normal monsoon… so what?

A media briefing and knowledge-sharing workshop on drought, climate change and what Indian villages are doing to adapt and mitigate

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