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Monographs on vehicular pollution and mobility issues

  • Footfalls: Obstacle Course to Livable Cities (.pdf)
  • Choc-A-Block: Parking Measures to Address Mobility Crisis (.pdf)
  • Avert the great guzzle: Fuel Economy Regulations: Setting the Principles Right (.pdf)
  • Fuel adulteration report (.pdf)

Status of implementation of CNG as a fuel for urban buses in Delhi

On April 1, 2001, there was mayhem in Delhi. Not many buses were plying on the roads as the Supreme Court ruling on moving the entire public transport fleet to
CNG, came into effect. Unfortunately this had not been complied with. Without diluting the original order the Supreme Court only allowed a conditional extension of the deadline till September 30, 2001. Download report...

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The report of the Tiger Task Force

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