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Carving the carbon cake

Embarrassed US delegates refused to accept the larger share of a 'Carbon Cake' offered to them by NGOs yesterday. Most of them either walked away without responding, pretended to be too busy, or not US delegates at all!

Cheers Chiraq!

November 22, 2000

The French President calls for equity


That sinking feeling
Just like at Kyoto, the US and EU are ready to make back-room deals that leave out the concerns of the South.  Its time for the G77 to speak up.
November 22, 2000

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Equity Primer

A look at why equity is so important at the climate negotiations
November 22, 2000

Time to tell them off

November 22, 2000

Back to Basics by Anil Agarwal

Nobody needs a fair and effective treaty more than the South

Deep Impact shallow response

October 16th, 2001

Climate change will trigger a series of ecological and economic fall-outs for India. Though details remain fuzzy largely due to the apathy of Indian policy makers and scientists.

  • 1998 A high-intensity cyclone destroys two oil refineries under construction, six wind farms and a salt production facility in the coastal regions of Gujarat. Later in the year, heavy monsoon flood the entire country.

SBI 14: Bonn, Germany

Press Release

Biggest rogue of them all
April 3, 2001

The world should declare the US a rogue nation for this act of extreme selfishness. And the Indian government should stop being a pushover.

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Press Release

Response: Equity is not the only way

January 05, 2001

Here at the Centre for Science and Environment we have received some responses to Equity Watch and its articles.  Here are some of the opposite points of view as expressed in regards to Anil Agarwal's editorial, US Tastes Cream Pie, which was featured in Equity Watch, Down to Earth magazine, and CSE's fortnightly email.

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