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Crackdown on Hospitals helps to control Bio medical waste

PATIALA, October 23:  The Pollution Control Board of Punjab today said that crackdown on doctors and the Bio-medical treatment facilities in the state has increased the collection of Biomedical Waste at all the four Biomedical Waste treatment facilities operational in the state.
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Big bangs likely on Diwali as babus pass the buck

Mumbai, October 23: The din on Diwali might not lessen this year after all. There seems to be no one to curb the sale and manufacture of firecrackers with dangerous noise levels, with the Department of Explosives (DOE), a central government agency, and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) starting a blame game over the issue.
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For a cracker of a Deepavali

Bangalore, October 23: Riding on the swanky, brand new Namma Metro, Bangaloreans are on a high. That upbeat, celebratory mood is bound to add more sparkle to Deepavali just round the corner.
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CCP ordered to stop dumping garbage at Patto

PANAJI: Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) on Friday issued a direction to the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) to stop dumping of garbage at Patto plaza to avoid any stink inconveniencing Mala residents.
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Stringent monitoring of noise level during Diwali in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, October 22: Diwali is traditionally the festival of lights. But more often than not, the deafening loud firecrackers turn the festivities into a noisy affair. Taking a serious note of the noise pollution caused by firecrackers, Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) will be on its feet, conducting checks across the state to monitor noise levels during the festive season.
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Flying squads to crack down on pollution culprits this Diwali

Mumbai, Oct 21:To ensure less pollution this Diwali, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has set up flying squads to monitor noise and air pollution.
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Favouritism pollutes PCB

Srinagar, Oct 21: The premier environmental institution of the state, J&K State Pollution Control Board (PCB), has been marred by pollution wherein the fundamental scientific work has been abandoned by officers in lieu of ‘more beneficial’ assignments.
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Cracker-free festival is govt’s mantra

Gurgaon , October 21: In order to check pollution during Diwali, the district pollution control board has embarked on a mission to make students pledge to celebrate the festival without crackers.
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Decibel demon bigger this Puja

Ranchi, October 19: Figures tabled by Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board (JSPCB), which mapped noise levels this Durga Puja between October 3 and 5 at 19 key areas of Ranchi, revealed that most places showed an uptrend in noise pollution.
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