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Climate change is real. Despite all the recent brow-beating to the contrary, most notably by the Trump administration-led US, it is here to stay – and the developing world (including India) is facing the brunt of its impacts. Acute water stress, heat waves and droughts, extreme rainfall events, storms and flooding... the list of disasters is growing every year. How is the Global South (including India) coping with it? Are climate adaptation interventions working?

Short Course "E-Outreach and Engagement: Digital communication for advocacy, influence and impact"

December  19-21, 2017                                                        

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Date: December 19-21, 2017

How to benefit from data in digital age

Course Date:  July 26-28, 2016

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Date: July 26-28, 2016

CSE’s summer programme ‘Agenda for Survival’ is accepting applications

New Delhi, March 20: There isn’t a better way to learn about the environment and the issues on the ground than by attending the ‘Agenda for Survival’ programme announced by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Tailored for young people and professionals between the age of 18 and 25 years who wish to understand the key environmental issues confronting India and the world, the programme allows opportunities to participants to see for themselves what communities experience in rural and urban India. 

Managing Information & Communication in the Digital Age

A Short Course on Information Management Tools and Techniques, Strategic Communication and Web-Based Outreach

Course Date:  February 03-05, 2016

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Date: February 03-05, 2016

International Workshop on “How to use low-cost smart phones for effective visual, interactive and strategic communication



Applications accepted from national and international applicants. Fellowships available for participants from Africa

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Date: May 12-14, 2015

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