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Media Briefing Workshops

Media briefing for rural, regional and local journalists Rivona, Goa, September 27-28, 2012

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and Goa Marathi Patrakar Sangh

Greening the pen
Understanding environmental issues for better reportage
A media briefing for rural, regional and local journalists
Rivona, Goa, September 27-28, 2012

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Rivona, Goa, September 27-28, 2012

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CSE Fellowship Media Briefing Workshop : Tigers, tiger habitats and their conservation in India

June 11-12, 2012

Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

India hosts a majority of the world’s tiger population -- about 1,700 tigers, according to the May 2011 census.

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June 11-12, 2012

Third Country Media Briefing on challenge of urban air quality and mobility management

Kathmandu, Nepal


Almost every South Asian city today is reeling under severe air pollution and gridlocked urban traffic.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, invites you to attend a Media Briefing on the Challenges of Air Quality and Mobility Management in Cities in South Asia. The details of the briefing are as under:

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Excreta Matters: Media briefing and workshop on Gurgaon’s Water and Sewage

 Gurgaon has outgrown the image of a satellite town. It is now a thriving, sprawling and ever spreading city of its own accord, housing approximately 4-6 million people. The industrial and residential hub is obsessed about getting water, but where the wastewater is being dumped, has not caught the fancy of water planners.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites you to participate in a media briefing and workshop, to analyze the water-excreta story of Gurgaon, based on first hand data collected.

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Date: 12th April 2012  2:00 to 6 PM

Photo Graphs on South Asian Media Briefing Workshop on Climate Change, 2011

Anil Agarwal Dialogue on Green Clearances: February 24- 25, 2012

New Delhi

The Anil Agarwal Dialogue was aimed to bring together NGOs, experts, policy makers and media from  all across the country to discuss the issue of green clearance, their recommendations were collated into a charter of demands at the end of the two day brain-storming.

This workshop is co supported by Jamsetji Tata Trust


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Date: February 24- 25, 2012

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