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From overconsumption to solidarity

“From overconsumption to solidarity” is a joint awareness-raising project of eight European and eight Southern civil society organisations, co-financed by EuropeAid. It aims to increase critical understanding and competence amongst European citizens with regard to Europe’s responsibility for the social and ecological impact of its overconsumption on development in the Amazon region, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.


Who is the one not playing by the rules – India or the US?

• US complains again to World Trade Organization about India ‘restricting US companies from doing business in India’

Stop weakening the environmental clearance process: says CSE to government

  • New assessment by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) finds large number of clearances still being given by the ministry of environment to industrial projects

CSE director general Sunita Narain discharged from hospital today

Hit-and-run vehicle not yet identified

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Hit-and-run vehicle not yet identified

Media Briefing Workshop: Environmental remediation in and around the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal

CSE presents action plan, prepared in consultation with experts from across the country, to clean the site

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Date: August 1, 2013

Adani project in Mundra has violated environmental norms, rules MoEF committee

Report provides incontrovertible evidence of destruction of mangroves, blocking of creeks and non-compliance of other clearance conditions

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