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Sustainable Building

Green Building Projects

All buildings use resources such as land, water, energy, materials and time to fulfill the functional needs of a space over an extended period of time and leave impacts on the environment. As such, there can be no buildings without environmental impact. However, buildings can be designed to keep the impact of buildings within the carrying capacity of the local environment.


Solar Kitchen, Auroville

Architecture by: Suhasini Ayer

Auroville Visitors Centre

Architecture by: Suhasini Ayer / Satprem Maini

Samode Safari Lodge

Architecture by: Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates

Realization Community

Architecture by: Auroville Earth Institute

Pearl Academy of Fashion

Architecture by: Morphogenesis

Green Features

Site Planning Principles adopted in the project

Wall Section

Shriram Junior High School at Mawana

Architecture by: Deependra Prashad, Architects and Planners (DPAP), Team includes Deependra Prashad, Saswati Chetia
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