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Water Management

Handholding support for Preparation of City Sanitation Plans in Telangana state: CSE – GIZ joint training programme(s)

Ensuring citywide sanitation is challenging and needs involvement of various actors, agencies, city officials and experts in areas such as urban planning, sanitation, technical infrastructure and financing. One of the main issues in enabling city wide sanitation is lack of awareness and good City Sanitation Plan (CSP) with details on capital investments, adjustments of by-laws, adequate administrative structures and local expertise.


International Training Workshop

  India- Africa Experience Sharing Workshop / Training Programme  
   India- Africa experience sharing international workshops on ‘Mainstreaming Sustainable Water Management’  

Date: 25-27 February 2015
Venue: New Delhi

  International Training Programme on Mainstreaming Sustainable Urban Water Management

Date: March 23-26, 2015
Venue: Colombo, Sri Lanka

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