Romancing Rajasthan
Text by: Razoana Moslam
Pictures by: Subash Karki

If someone were to ask me for the one thing I remember most about Rajasthan, I would reply: its opulence.

We were greeted by thick fog at Alwar on our very first night. It was a new experience to stay in a dharmshala and to taste the mouth-watering food of road-side dhabas in Rajasthan.

The vast array of colours we have seen – in local markets, on our plates and in the forest – all reaffirm what we have heard of Rajasthan, and reflects the vibrant spirit of the people.

Whether it was the marvelously restored Jal Mahal we passed while going towards our guest house in Jaipur, the clear waters of the Arvari River glistening in the winter sun, the endless yellow fields of mustard, or the lush green forest of Sariska National Park in Alwar – everything looked otherworldly. Rajasthan offers us city folk a reminder of the beauty we never get to see in the city, and memories which we can take home with us.

Long after coming back to New Delhi, the sounds and colors of Rajasthan continue to haunt me. Rajasthan has been in my travel bucket list for a while, and now I can finally cross it off.

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