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Campaigns for traffic improvement

Concern for Calcutta

Founded in April 1984, Concern for Calcutta is an autonomous nonprofit society committed to Calcutta's wellbeing. Members of CC are a unique mix of people form diverse fields - management, adminstration, journalism, academia, communications. All share the belief that, with their combined skills and common will, they can take action and make Calcutta a better place to live and work in. As such, CC performs three basic roles - as an action group, as a catalyst and as a pressure group.


  • Has been involved in trainings on traffic and driving regulations

  • Aims to improve road behaviour

  • Campaigns for installation of guardrails and creation of zebra crossings

  • Involved in Police training related to traffic and transport

  • Involved in traffic advisory committee and traffic weeks.

  • Submitted a traffic and transportation plan to the authorities.

  • Initiated the reopening of a widened Durgapur Bridge.


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