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Vienna climate meet sets the stage for a deal on HFC phase-down

Amendment to Montreal Protocol should be ambitious and should provide provisions to address energy efficiency, says CSE

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In the ongoing negotiations to amend the Montreal Protocol to phase-down the use of hydroflourocarbons (HFCs), Intellectual Property Rights of substitute chemicals—mainly unsaturated HFCs (also called HFOs) and its blends—have become a major point of difference between developed and developing countries. Developing countries have expressed major concerns on this issue as two companies hold most of the patents to these chemicals, creating a monopoly. They have, therefore, asked for clarification and resolution of IPR issues before an amendment to the Montreal Protocol is adopted.


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Weak and un-ambitious climate change deal signed at Paris: CSE
  • It is a compromise deal, in many ways it can be termed as lowest minimum denominator

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Centre for Science and Environment Press Briefing in Paris

Friday, December 11; 6 PM CET/10.30 PM IST

Centre for Science and Environment invites you to attend the press conference discussing the progress in drafting the climate change agreement and the likely Paris Outcome. CSE Director General Sunita Narain and Deputy Director General Chandra Bhushan will be present at the briefing. It would be held in Press Conference Room 3 which can be seen as a webcast through this link. 

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CSE Media Alert: Intolerance in Paris and high ambition coalition towards endgame

December 10, 2015 

As the Paris talk shift gear and move towards closure, a coalition led by the United States and European Union has emerged and talks are heading for an agreement even though contentious issues are unresolved and continue to simmer.

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“To achieve a 1.5 degrees temperature goal, the world must agree to a fair allocation of carbon space and massive enhancement of financial and technological support from developed countries”

A joint statement made by Prof. T Jayaraman from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Prof. Anand Patwardhan from University of Maryland and IIT-Mumbai and Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director General, CSE

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Summary of Side Event

Centre for Science and Environment organized a side event in the COP21 at the India Pavillion along with the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change titled “Equity and Climate Justice: Operationalising Equity and the Global Carbon Budget.” Secretary Ashok Lavasa started the conversation claiming “Climate change is a consequence of the path of economic development chosen by the world and developing country should be denied this development.”

COP 21 Paris|Story|Climate Change
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