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Biggest rogue of them all
April 3, 2001

The world should declare the US a rogue nation for this act of extreme selfishness. And the Indian government should stop being a pushover.

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Press Release

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Response: Equity is not the only way

January 05, 2001

Here at the Centre for Science and Environment we have received some responses to Equity Watch and its articles.  Here are some of the opposite points of view as expressed in regards to Anil Agarwal's editorial, US Tastes Cream Pie, which was featured in Equity Watch, Down to Earth magazine, and CSE's fortnightly email.

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Climate Logjam

January 05, 2001

After wrecking the climate talks in The Hague, the US-led coalition refuses to participate in further negotiations in Oslo

The US led umbrella group consisting of Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand refused to attend the ministerial meeting in Oslo, Norway. The meeting was aimed at resolving differences that wrecked the UN sponsored climate change conference in November 2000. The group felt that talks were futile unless the EU changed its position on key areas.

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Wait and watch

January 24, 2001

The US government is in transition. But why should the rest of the world suffer?

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Conditions to aid and trade

February 15, 2001

World Resources Institute, a Washington-based non-government organisation, objects to criticism that Northern groups are arm-twisting developing countries into reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Anju Sharma responds

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Boiling point

February 28, 2001

Greenhouse gas emissions could raise global temperatures much more than previously forecast leading to drought and flooding as weather patterns shift and polar ice melts

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Battling Climate Change

March 26, 2001

Technologies exist to arrest global warming. But the political will toimplement them is missing


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Look who's talking!

March 26, 2000

The president of the world’s most polluting country blames India for global warming

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