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August 31st, 2001

Nations adopt a diluted agreement on implementing the Kyoto Protocol that gives away too many concessions to polluting countries

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Earth Matters

October 16th, 2001

Will the North decide the path of sustainable development for the rest of the world? Will the interests of the South be protected? As preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development get underway, many contentious issues boil over

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Deal or No Deal

October 16th, 2001

Governments are scheduled to meet in Marrakech later this month to further the Kyoto process, designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in industrialised countries. Will their efforts eventually control climate change?Experts from around the world assess the worth of the latest 'Bonn agreement', reached at the resumed session of the sixth conference of parties to the climate change convention (also called CoP-6 bis), in July 2001


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First casualty

November 7th, 2001

Rising sea levels force Tuvaluans to find new homes

Tuvalu, a tiny South Pacific nation of about 10,000 people whose existence is threatened by rising sea levels, has entered into a unique agreement with New Zealand. Under the agreement, New Zealand will accept an annual quota of 'climate refugees' from Tuvalu. These citizens are being forced to leave as sea-water is inundating their homes. The exodus of people from Tuvalu is expected to start in 2002 and the two countries expect it to continue for the next 3-4 decades.

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Green Future

November 30th, 2001

The present phase of climate change talks ends with consensus on ways to implement the Kyoto Protocol

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Modified by climate

December 15, 2001

Global warming has resulted in genetic alternations among living beings

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Melting to extinction

December 31st, 2001

Biodiversity in the UK threatened due to climate changes

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