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Climate Change & Natural Resources: A Book of Activities for Environmental Education

This is CSE's latest book. CSE's Environment Education Unit has always been working towards providing easy-to-understand reading material.

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Photo Gallery - Reclaim The Power March in Copenhagen 16/12

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Sublimating climate change

Author: Sunita Narain
Dec 31, 2003

Surreal. This is how a newspaper described the just concluded meeting on climate change in Milan. Ministers and several hundred government officials gathered to fuss over the final details of a treaty they know may never come into force.

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Biggest rogue of them all

Press Release

Biggest rogue of them all

APRIL 3, 2001

The world should declare the US a rogue nation for this act of extreme selfishness. And the Indian government should stop being a pushover.

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Climate Change|Story|Climate Change
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