Centre for Science and Environment

Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests and Centre for Science and Environment side event at COP 17

Organizers: Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and the Centre for Science and Environment (www.cseindia.org), New Delhi

Date and time: Monday, December 5, 2011; 18.30-20.00

Venue: Blyde River Room, Durban Exhibition Centre, Durban

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Climate Change

Today the threat of climate change is real and urgent. And to prevent the catastrophic impacts the world needs drastic reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions. Any solution or roadmap must be based on the well-entrenched principles of equity, historical responsibility and common but differentiated responsibility.

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Cancun draft pleases all, except a belligerent Bolivia! The deal circumvents all the contentious issues, erases historical debts, avoids legally binding global emission targets for wealthy nations, leaves the thorn of IPR in technology transfer mechanism for Durban CoP17 among others.

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Climate Change & Natural Resources: A Book of Activities for Environmental Education

This is CSE's latest book. CSE's Environment Education Unit has always been working towards providing easy-to-understand reading material.

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Photo Gallery - Reclaim The Power March in Copenhagen 16/12

Climate Change|Story|Climate Change
Sublimating climate change

Author: Sunita Narain
Dec 31, 2003

Surreal. This is how a newspaper described the just concluded meeting on climate change in Milan. Ministers and several hundred government officials gathered to fuss over the final details of a treaty they know may never come into force.

Climate Change|Story|Climate Change
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