Deputy Programme Manager for Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programme (SBHP) | Centre for Science and Environment

Deputy Programme Manager for Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programme (SBHP)

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a non-governmental public research institution based in Delhi, needs a Deputy Programme Manager

for high quality research, writing, networking and policy advocacy on wide range of issues related to Indian built sector like building regulations, resource efficiency, habitat design, passive design, building physics, affordable housing, life cycle assessment, building performance tracking and benchmarking, and green ratings among others.

This will also include capacity building of regulators and building professionals in building and habitat related knowledge and skills. 

Work Profile:

  • Contributes to the larger goal of Sustainability in built sector. 

  • Conducts energy/environmental benchmarking including planning, data collection and assessment, development and submission of analysis reports to the Programme Director

  • Prepare formal written work papers and reports, documenting benchmarking works performed, and expressing conclusions on control adequacy

  • Evaluate and provide recommendations on energy/environmental benchmarking findings

  • Provide mentoring and liaison to individuals and organizations respecting the expectations and best practices related to the sustainability practices

  • Contributes to the establishment and implementation of improvements to existing methods, policies, procedures, and best practices

  • Ability to interpret data from accredited organizations and able to deal with significant ambiguity and develop creative approaches to analytical issues and obstacles

  • Design and produce specific training materials, field exercises  etc

  • Conduct specialized trainings for varied group of professionals pertaining to energy/environmental benchmarking and its field hands-on 

  • Promotes and maintains a high level of ethical professional conduct in all work related situations


  • Strong policy advocacy experience as well associated networking skills in the selected fields of sustainability in built sector.

  • Must have knowledge, understanding and experience in passive design, building physics and other architecture techniques for sustainable buildings. 

  • Knowledge, understanding and experience of environmental impact assessments for built environments and other sustainability guidelines/methodologies/assessments pertaining to built infrastructures.

  • Should have basic understanding of PPP models and schemes with regard to infrastructure development. 

  • Must have knowledge, understanding  and experience in life cycle assessments for materials and other sustainability aspects associated with the same 

  • Knowledge and understanding of building audit/benchmarking, knowledge of lighting and control systems, applicable codes, rules and standards, building performance, HVAC, electrical systems, construction methods, materials practices, familiarity with software programs in auditing, basic understanding of construction and building energy modeling, knowledge of environmental performance parameters in buildings 

  • Measure, record and evaluate energy and environmental performance using a systematic approach, as well as specialized equipment and software. 

  • Prepare cost estimates for potential retrofits and improvements

  • Strong ability to interpret plans and inspection reports pertaining to built performance 

Qualification and Experience:

  • Must have Masters in Environmental Planning/Architecture or equivalent with 6-8 years of experience in Energy/Environmental benchmarking field. 

  • Prior advocacy experience is desirable

  • Must be strong in critical analysis

  • Must have organizational skills

  • Must have strong team management skills

  • Fluency in written and spoken English is a must.

  • Ready and willing to travel as and when required

  • Must have interpersonal skills

  • Must be motivated and disciplined to work independently with little or remote supervision

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

To apply for the above position, please visit and choose ‘DPM-Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programme’. Please submit your application latest by 15 Oct, 2017.




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