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KSPCB chief skeptical of BBMP’s dry waste plan

Bangalore, October 4: Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a function at the KSPCB office, Acharya, however, hailed the Palike for undertaking the Herculean task of educating the masses on segregation of garbage at source, its implementation and scientific disposal of waste. But he was critical of the way BBMP planned to handle dry waste, particularly plastic waste.Pune has set a record of sorts during Ganesh immersion procession this year as the noise levels not only crossed the permissible limits in the city, but also exceeded the maximum noise limits in Mumbai.
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  • Environmental issues like climate change, water availability, pollution, waste generation and disposal are commanding considerable global attention. Industries, as a major user of raw materials and energy and source of pollution and waste generation, have a major role in addressing current and emerging environmental issues.

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