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Maintenance and monitoring

Maintenance- the following steps should be adopted to ensure quality of harvested rain water:

  •     Keep all catchments neat and clean

  •     Don’t allow contaminated water to flow into system

  •     Put iron/nylon mesh/fine cloth on inlet and outlet pipes and chambers to prevent solid debris from getting into the system

  •     Clean open drains regularly by removing deposits of sand and gravel

  •     Make available a layer of soil beneath the recharge structure to ensure natural filtration

  •     Drain and clean storage tanks thoroughly before every monsoon

  •     Change the filter media every year

  •     Remove algae from the roof tiles and asbestos sheets before the monsoon

  •     Do not let water stagnate in the collection chamber since this will slow down the recharge of water

  •     Repair cracks in ferrocement tanks

Impact assessment will help you answer the following questions:

Will RWH improve the water levels?
Will it increase the water availability in the existing bore well?
Will it reduce the water logging?
Will it improve water quality?
Who is going to be benefit?

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