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Pune is amongst the fastest growing cities in the county. During 1991-2001, its population increased by 50.08 percent. Pune uniquely remains a hub for students from all across the globe, and the growth centre of the IT sector. But with time it has lost its status as the cycle city and traffic congestion has become a serious problem for the city. Two-wheelers account for three fourth of the total vehicular fleet and pose a special challenge. 

Change Makers
Policy action
First generation action has taken roots. This has helped in arresting the rising trend in pollution. But, the city has yet to meet the clean air standards. Pune is moving towards second generation reforms and has taken several progressive initiatives to improve mobility


City Facts
 Air and mobility facts The growth pressure has left the city strained and exhausted. The traffic situation is the worst hit. Air quality is at risk. Studies show high contribution of vehicles is to air pollution.

Congestion: According to the city mobility plan the average journey speed in the city on the major corridor is about 22kmph.


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