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SFD Promotion Initiative Phase II

Work overview

To roll-out the use of SFD as a decision support and advocacy tool with active participation of city stakeholders. Duration of the project: Designed as a two year project building on one year kick-start phase. 

Research Background

 In 2014 the centre partnered with a group of institutions active in the field of excreta management to promote excreta (septage and sewage)  flow analysis to inform urban sanitation programming through the service delivery assessment tool - Shit Flow Diagrams (SFDs), developed by Water and Sanitation Programme - World Bank. The objective of phase I of initiative was development and roll out of SFDs along with service delivery context analysis by testing the approach/tools in 50 cities worldwide. CSE prepared SFDs for 11 select cities from different agro climatic zones across India. The consortium has developed a suite of tools and instruments which can be used at the local level to facilitate an analysis of urban sanitation challenges. More details on the tools and outputs of this project can be found at: http://sfd.susana.org/ sfd-worldwide

Project Overview 

Excreta flow diagrams (also often described as shit flow diagram, SFD) are increasingly used to analyze the sanitation in urban areas.  Modifications of the method are also being used to generate the first generation of national estimates of percentage of the population with access to ‘safely managed sanitation’. Phase II of the initiative is based on demand driven approach unlike phase I in which the consortium had chosen the cities. CSE along with partner institutions intends to provide support to participating cities and towns, which are keen to develop SFDs for their cities and to use it as a planning tool to improve the sanitation of the city. Phase II also aims to refine the existing tool based on the empirical validation.

Key Elements 

Roll- out Support activities

  • Open access to SFD preparation contents  

  • Discussion Forum in SFD web portal 

  • Feedback documentation 

  • Operational Support  

  • In field support to ULBs 

  • Training and capacity building of trainers and practitioners 

  • Help desk support to promote ‘Do it yourself SFDs’

Refinement of Tools and Methods  

  • Ready to use tools for city authorities and their partners 

  • Online tutorial on ‘How to use tools and methods’ 

  • QA & QC of SFDs produce

  • Key Activities 

Capacity building 

  • Training of trainers on preparation of SFD 

  • Training of stakeholders 

  • Online training 

  • Webinar/Seminar and thematic discussions

  • Help desk 

  • Sensitization workshop 

  • Regional conclave 

  • Technical advisory consultation every Friday at CSE, New Delhi 

  • In-field support to select cities, based  on the demand


Using excreta flow diagrams (SFDs) as an integral part of city wide sanitation planning for Indian cities



Contact for further information

SFD Initiative Co-ordinator
(Email: sfdhelpdesk@cseindia.org)
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE),
41-Tuglakabad Institutional Area,
New Delhi–110062
Tel. 91- 11 -40616000
Fax. 91-11-29955879
Website: www.cseindia.org



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