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Status Quo in Endosulfan

The Supreme Court has reserved its order on the exports of endosulfan for Friday September 30. The Court had met today to decide whether exports should be allowed or not. The petitioners , Democratic Youth Federation of India, requested for some more time as they had received the response from the joint committee very late and were unable to frame a response on the exports affidavit.

DYFI also informed the three judge bench comprising Chief Justice SH Kapadia, Justice Swatantar Kumar and Justice KS Radhakrishnan that the joint committee had prepared the interim report on whether endosulfan should be exported or not by inviting only the endosulfan manufacturers. None of the civil society members were invited for the discussion. The bench has asked the petitioners to file an affidavit saying so.

In the meanwhile the exports will have to wait till the orders on Friday.

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