URBAN TRANSPORT AND MOBILITY: AGENDA FOR REFORMS (September 16 –19, 2009) | Centre for Science and Environment


List of participants

Mr. Suresh Sigh   
Executive Engineer (Training)   
Kanpur Municipal
Corporation (Nagar Nigam)  

Mr. Dhanamjaya Reddy   
City Planner   
Guntur Municipal Corporation   

Mr. Ajay Dahake   
Assistant Engineer
Nagpur Municipal Corporation   

Mr. M. Sivashanmugam 
Deputy Director   
Chennai Metropolitan
Development Authority
Mr. H.V. Sannapaiah    
Assistant Director of
Town & Country Planning,    
Bangalore Metropolitan
Development Authority

Mr. Jamie Osborne   
Transit Planner and
Accessibility Specialist   
Individual participant
and Researcher   


Mr. M.N. Ashoka   
Joint Director
Hoskote Town and
Country Planning Authority   

K.V.Durga Prasad    
Assistant Director of
Town & Country Planning  
Magadi Planning Authority
Assitant Director of
Town & Country Planning   
Kanakapura Planning Authority
Ms. Tania Guha       
Veolia Transport   

 Mr. Tshwang Dorjee Lama   
Individual Researcher in
Vehicular Pollution,
Lecturer in Law College in Sikkim   
Individual participant



  • The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is organising a three-day orientation programme on Managing Urban Air Quality: Focus on Clean Vehicle Technology, Fuels and Mobility Management in New Delhi from August 6 - 8, 2014 for government officials from different cities of India. The objective of this forum is to promote good regulatory practices in air quality management, clean vehicle technology, fuels and management of in-use vehicle fleet and mobility management.

  •  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important tool to inform decision- makers, regulators and stakeholders, about the possible environmental, social and economic costs of the proposed project.

  • Currently, India is far off-track in achieving its sanitation targets. Apart from open defecation and lack of sanitation facilities in urban and rural areas; the management of septage has been largely neglected and is not a priority due to the lack of awareness of its heavy contribution to environmental degradation, poor sanitation and ill-effects to health. “Septage” is the waste that accumulates in onsite sanitation systems (OSS e.g.

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