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All about water use in industry (Download pdf)

A comprehenslve policy on industrial water use

A comprehensive policy on industrial water use

Regulation and Economic Instruments
We demand these should be uniformly applicable to all ndustries

Withdraw water from downstream of wastewater discharge:
We force industry to clean water before discharge

Specific load-based effluent standards:
Should replace existing concentration-based effluent standards. This will encourage industry to save water, and reduce effluent dilution with freshwater

Total load-based effluent standards:
Control total pollution discharge from an industry. These standards must be media specific, area specific and industry specific

Total freshwater withdrawal quota:
Should be fixed for all industries in a given watershed. Industries allowed to withdraw only a specific amount

Mandatory water recycling percentage:
Specify proportion of process water recycled out of the gross water consumed.

Restriction on source utilisation:
In areas where groundwater levels are low, industries should not be allowed to withdraw groundwater.

Mandatory rainwater harvesting:
make companies meet most of their water requirement through rainwater harvesting.

Pricing water:
Determine where water is used by industry. Price should be highest for water that can be easily re-cycled. Increase unit price with increasing use. Charge for groundwater use.

Introduce pollution charges:
Use 'polluter pays principle' to control pollutants of major concern. Calculate charges as a function of pollution. Should be high enough to provide incentive to reduce pollution

Penalty for non-compliance:
Should be stiff, based on environmental damage caused.


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