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All about Drip Irrigation (Download pdf)

I recently viewed your site on rainwater harvesting in Delhi. It is really praiseworthy that your organisation could compile such data and post it on the web for public use. This information should be utilised for the development of our country. After visiting your site, anybody with a sound scientific background can design his or her own rainwater harvesting structure. Such data can also be of use to industries for planning effluent discharge and impact assessment studies. One need not run from pillar to post any longer to collect data on groundwater and

K.J.Anandha kumar,
A-1, Airport Appt,
F-Block, Vikaspuri,
New Delhi-110018

You must be aware that the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has already made rainwater harvesting mandatory for new constructions. Efforts are also being made to create awareness among the masses to take up rainwater harvesting schemes in existing buildings. The Municipal Corporation has also set up a special cell to guide people about rainwater harvesting concepts and techniques. Our cell is also trying to bring various NGO’s together to approach common people more effectively.

It is understood that your organisation has provided substantial help in setting up a rain centre in Chennai. It is also learnt that you are in the process of setting up a rain center in Hydrabad. We are interested in setting up such centres in Mumbai with the help of NGOs.

Vijay Y Joshi,
Deputy Municipal Commissioner,
Municipal Corporation of Greater, Mumbai

I have visited your website and was tremendously impressed. Indeed, water shortage is going to be a major crisis in the globe.

Rajneesh Anand
141, Kachi Chhawani,
Jammu and Kashmir

We are an ISO14001 certified company and we are planning to undertake rainwater harvesting. Since we have no information on this, we request your guidelines, which will enable us to proceed in the matter.

R B Ananth,
General Manager – WR,
Tide Water Oil Co (INDIA) Ltd,
CTS 90, Kachwadi, Govandi,

The job done for water harvesting at Jamia Hamdard University under your guidance was interesting. We need your help in providing an expert who would visit areas and advice us in the implementation. We need recharging of tubewells and wells to be done before end of this monsoon.

Rajan Sharma,
Unit Leader (OL),
Tata Steel Rural development Society,
West Bokaro, Hazaribagh,

I am grateful to the Centre for Science and Environment for enriching my knowledge on the important and essential field of rainwater harvesting. Before attending the training programme, I had no in-depth technical knowledge of it but after a day of training and deliberation followed by preparing a project of rainwater harvesting planning and designing of an IDS building, I am thrilled to work for this noble field of conservation of natural water to recharge the source of water.

S.D. Thanvi,
RM ( HQ),
Avas Vikas Limited,
TA 21, Jawahar Nagar,

Here is a chance for you to share your experiences with millions of people. The most talked about website on water www.rainwaterharvesting.org is opening up a new section —JAL BIRADARI — dedicated to non-governmental organisations/ government agencies/ research institutes/ individuals to post their activities, events, or experiences on water. Join the NET and be a part of Jal Swaraj movement — a campaign to promote the concept of community based water harvesting.

Write to:
Sumita Dasgupta, Coordinator, Jal Swaraj Campaign,
CSE,41 Tughlakabad Institutional Area,
New Delhi-110062


CSE provides detailed technical
guidance to interested individuals
and institutions to implement
rainwater harvesting

Every Friday, 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Core 6A, 4th Floor, India Habitat Centre Lodhi Road
New Delhi 110 003 Ph: 24645334/ 24645335
Email: water@cseindia.org


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