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Endosulfan Added to Trade "Watch List"

United Nations chemical experts have recommended endosulfan to be included in the Rotterdam Convention’s Prior Informed Consent procedure. 

Budget skirts the real issues, does not do enough for environmental concerns: CSE
  • Finance minister loses courage to put fiscal breaks on SUVs and diesel cars

  • Budget fails to put forward any new proposal to strengthen bus transport

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Customs and Central Excise withdraws controversial ad

Drink aerated drinks and do social service 

The Customs and Central Excise Department refrains from publishing its advertisement again which suggested that drinking aerated drinks was akin to social service as the central excise duty paid on these drinks was used to provide drinking water to millions.

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EMFWA takes Karnataka to court

The Endosulfan Manufactures and Formulators Welfare Association (EMFWA) have challenged the Karnataka ban on endosulfan in the Karnataka High Court. They pesticide manufacturers have said that the ban was 'unscientific' as there are no studies done in the state to prove that endosulfan was the cause of the health conditions of the people in the affected villages.

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First Country Media Briefing on challenge of urban air quality and mobility management

CSE organised its First Country Media Briefing on “challenge of urban air quality and mobility management” in Dhaka on January 22,2011.

All South Asian Cities are suffering from vehicular pollution and mobility issues; Dhaka is no exception. This media briefing was organised to enter in a dialogue and join hands to find a way towards better air quality standards and improved mobility management.

The half a day workshop was attended by over seventy media personnels, both from electronic and print media, in both English and Bengali.

Air quality|Natural Gas|South Asia|Media Briefing Workshops|Story
Experience Sharing Dialogue in Dhaka: Improving Quality and Performance of Natural Gas Vehicle Program in South Asia

Dhaka and Delhi met to discuss natural gas vehicle programme -- a unique opportunity for a clean up in the region where the mainstream technology of diesel and petrol are languishing. CSE-DOE event enthused all for a more robust CNG strategy for cleaner air.

Air Pollution|CNG Buses|CNG Safety|Delhi|Dhaka|Natural Gas|South Asia|Urban Air Quality|Vehicle Technology and Fuel|Story
Diesel hides behind CNG

What’s going on? First the key partners of the Central Pollution Control Board -- IOC, and NEERI -- involved with yet to be released source apportionment study made claims publicly that LPG is the most polluting fuel in our cities. Now in quick succession a second study follows from CPCB that ranks CNG as the “worst” fuel and Euro II-III diesel as the “best”. No other government in the world has every branded CNG as worse than Euro II-III diesel.

CNG|CPCB|CSE Study|Health Effects|India|Urban Air Quality|Vehicle Technology and Fuel|Story
CSE at CoP-16, Cancun

Cancun draft pleases all, except a belligerent Bolivia! The deal circumvents all the contentious issues, erases historical debts, avoids legally binding global emission targets for wealthy nations, leaves the thorn of IPR in technology transfer mechanism for Durban CoP17 among others.

As CSE had warned, Cancun turned out to be compromises of epic proportions for the poorer countries, without any substantive returns from the developed nations. Lest Development and Millenium Development Goals be forgotten.

Politics, surely, has triumphed over science.


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Liability, compliance must be mainstreamed in climate movements

Civil society needs to forge partnerships with lawyers, scientists and take legal recourse to enforce accountability

New Delhi, March 3: Next two years will be critical for the civil society and NGOs working in the field of climate change to ensure that the negotiations yield meaningful compliance and liability mechanisms.

Climate Change|Story|Climate Change
The venom is spreading…

Endosulfan is claiming new victims, though a state government survey puts the total number of affected at just a little over 2,000 people in 11 gram panchayats of Kasaragod. Years after the pesticide was banned in Kerala, it is creeping into newer areas – a Down To Earth investigation has tracked down more cases in Muthalamada panchayat in Palakkad district, while reports are coming in of endosulfan-affected people from villages and hamlets located far away from regions where the pesticide was sprayed.

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