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Written by Runar Myrnes Balto and Nicolai Steineger

Wildlife conservation, a relocated village and a Tendu leaf contractor. They´re all part of the struggle for Sita Mata’s future. The level of tension in the wildlife sanctuary is rising.


Written by Magnus Flacké and Ida Søgnen Tveit

Jatropha is the new plant for biofuel and can be grown on wasteland, but does that make it the new wonder medicine?

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Written by Thale Henrikke Eddie and Lucie Swinnerton

Eighteen thousand wind mills exist in India today, and the number is growing rapidly. This renewable energy source is spreading throughout the globe – Danish company, Vestas, installs a wind turbine every four hours; globally.

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Written by Thale Henrikke Eddie
Cars are so comfortable today; one can even enjoy a traffic jam. Cars are squeezing buses out of the public sphere.
It is a crisis of mobility.

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Written by Malin Lenita Vik and Martine Kværner Roberts
A large majority of India’s poor live in rural areas, and are dependent on the fruits of the soil for their livelihoods. Despite challenges of low productivity due to environmental stress, local communities are creating innovative solutions to regenerate the natural resources.

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