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Discuss jobs at CSE

Discuss jobs at CSE





e-waste disposal

Have an old computer which you want to dispose of? Discuss how to dispose of e-waste safely.



Discuss how you can volunteer at CSE. Click here and register or ask us here if you have a specific query.


Researchers to work on Industry and Environment

Centre for Science and Environment requires researchers to work on industry and environment.

Training programmes

Want to take part in our trainings and workshops? Click here for all the details on current and future programmes. Discuss here if you want more information.

Green CSE

CSE has excellent infrastructure that is appropriate to its needs and is used intensively and maintained very well. 

The buildings have environment friendly architecture that allows for maximum utilization of natural light and air keeping the use of artificial lighting minimal and need for air-conditioning limited to only the peak summer months. 


Recycling paper

recycling paper

CSE is a low paper consumption organization and only a minimal quantity of paper is used each day. While most of the information is exchanged electronically, some amount of printing on fresh paper does take place. However, all fresh A4 printed sheets are meticulously recycled. They are once again used for making photocopies.

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