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Wastewater Recycling

Soil Bio Technology (SBT)

Soil Bio- technology is a terrestrial system for wastewater treatment which is based on the principle of trickling filter. In this system, combination of physical processes like  sedimentation, infiltration and biochemical processes are carried out to remove the suspended solids, organic and inorganic contents of the wastewater.

Knowledge Dissemination

CSE as a CoE also functions as knowledge centre for Sustainable Water Management, wherein it collates and disseminate information related to urban water management through its website. CSE’s website has dedicated interactive online information on water management and in particular CoE activities like RWH, DWWT and water efficiency.Also, other CSE’s websites like India Environmental Portal, Down to Earth, rainwater harvesting widely cover issues related to the above activities on a regular basis.

Wastewater recycling

Discuss how to set up a wastewater recycling system in your home, office, factory or city or ask us for more information about its technical aspects.

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