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September 17 - September 23, 2020
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Is India ready to face the impacts of climate change? According to the 2020 World Risk Index most South Asian countries fared poorly on strengthening their abilities to prepare and adapt to extreme events. The Global South faces a wide array of challenges and difficulties to continuous sustainable development, such as economic growth, environmental and social conditions. These issues are entrenched and difficult to overcome.

In the Mediterranean, there is an increase in ‘Medicanes’ or ‘Mediterranean Hurricanes’ due to human induced climate change with about 70 of them occurring in the past 70 years. Additionally, emissions can add 15 inches to 2100 sea level rise

In the centre of the Solar System, the sun is going through a period of decreased activity known as the modern grand solar minimum, a period that last occurred during the Little Ice Age. However due to anthropogenic induced climate change, amid hurricanes and wildfires, Trump sticks to his stance as a climate denier now famously saying “I don’t think science knows actually. It’ll start getting cooler”.

So what can we do? From smaller interventions such as replacing traditional plastic with bamboo toothbrush to switching to biomass derived and mini grid distributed renewable energy all make a positive contribution to climate change. However educating oneself is the key, through programmes such as CSE’s online training programme on the science, politics and impacts of climate change.
Cold comfort: The sun is cooling; doesn't mean there'll be no global warming| 23 September 2020
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Down To Earth How ready is India for climate change? Not much, says this report| 23 September 2020
Amid hurricanes and wildfires, Trump gives science a cold shoulder| 21 September 2020
“I don’t think science knows actually. It’ll start getting cooler,” US President Donald Trump said during a briefing on California wildfires
Journey across the Global South: Sharing and exchanging sustainable development solutions| 18 September 2020
Despite progress, developing countries face a wide range of challenges and experiences that span areas such as economic growth, environmental and social conditions, often difficult to overcome
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Human-induced climate change could increase ‘Medicanes’, say experts| 21 September 2020
Extra tropical storm ‘Ianos’ slammed into Greece recently, killing three people
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In deep water: Emissions can add 15 inches to 2100 sea level rise, study finds| 18 September 2020
Greenland and Antarctica’s ice sheets could together contribute to this 38-cm rise — beyond the amount that has been projected so far
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Storm in the pond: 5 brew in Atlantic — only the 2nd time| 17 September 2020
Peak Atlantic hurricane season is on way, and scientists may run out of names
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(Tooth) brush up with truth: Electric is the worst, bamboo not great either| 17 September 2020
Climate change potential of electric toothbrush was 11 times greater than the bamboo toothbrush, the study found
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Renewable Energy - Biomass
India has already met its biomass power target. Instead of moving on to newer goals, the industry has been hamstrung by low availability of raw material and rising costs
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Renewable Energy - Mini-Grids
Mini-grids might have lost out momentarily to grid electrification, but their significance cannot be discounted. They are essential for ensuring round-the-clock energy access and last-mile connectivity
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