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September 30 - October 07, 2020
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This week we celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with a look at how the Mahatma ‘mainstreamed’ peace, sustainability, and empathy. In present times however, we find these values being eroded, as we seem to have entered an era of war on democracy, said Sunita Narain

Elsewhere studies find that a changing climate has negative impacts on monsoon rainfall, is melting the Greenland Ice Sheet faster than at any other time in the last 12,000 years, and is linked with “zombie fires” in the Arctic region.

Another study by Oxfam and the Stockholm Environmental Institute, finds that the world’s richest 1% emit twice as much carbon as the poorest 50%. We also take a look at some of the ways our lifestyle can be more sustainable in a post-COVID world.

And finally, we invite you to sign up for our new training course An Introduction to Climate Change: Science, Politics, and Impacts, to be held November 18th onwards.
Increased sea surface temperature affecting Indian monsoon: Study| 07 October 2020
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Down To Earth Greenland ice melting fastest in 12,000 years: Study| 01 October 2020
UN@75 vs multilateralism & democracy| 05 October 2020
The United Nations was set up after World War II, and today, we are at the beginning of a new one — only this time, it is a war against democracy
How Gandhi ‘mainstreamed’ peace, sustainability and empathy| 02 October 2020
Instead of just aspiring, some goals critical to humanity can be achieved only by embedding them in our daily thoughts and actions
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Richest 1% emit twice as much carbon as poorest 50%: Oxfam report| 01 October 2020
The richest 10% accounted for 46% of emissions growth; the poorest 50% accounted for 6%
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Food, fuel, fashion, flying: Steps towards sustainability post-COVID-19| 01 October 2020
Let’s not shy away from demanding for the world what we desire for ourselves and our future generations
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Zombie fires in a warming Arctic region a worry: Study| 30 September 2020
Arctic fires are also burning earlier and farther north, in landscapes previously thought to be fire resistant
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