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13 December — 22 December 2020
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This week, a study published by McGill University indicated that the planet will heat up much earlier than anticipated, and cross the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold between the years 2027 – 2042. The year 2020 has already been the third warmest year on record and extreme weather events like cyclones and wildfires have caused widespread destruction. In India, such events took the form of cyclones, locust attacks and excess rainfall. Interestingly, a report by the Indian Meteorological Department finds that many such events occurred during the southwest monsoon season, between June and September 2020.
Elsewhere, the International Energy Agency finds that the goal of carbon capture and storage technology to capture 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by 2025 is unlikely to be met. The 30th edition of the Human Development Report by the United Nations Development Programme states that humanity must redefine what it means by progress in the light of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic by working with nature, rather than against it. A report by the United Nations Environment Programme finds that the building sector emitted more than a third of global energy-related carbon dioxide in 2019.
Experts at the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) analysed the coal sector in India and they believe that with adequate efforts the emissions from coal can be cut down by 22 percent. CSE experts also had a discussion on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement and the road that lies ahead – you can watch the video here.
World to breach 1.5°C threshold by 2027-2042: Study | 22 December 2020
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Down To Earth Extreme weather events in 24 of 36 meteorological sub-divisions in 2020: IMD | 21 December 2020
Looking back in 2020: The world in grip of extreme weather events | 16 December 2020
Cyclones, rainfall, floods and droughts, climate-induced migration: The world witnessed it all in 2020
Looking back: How did climate change alter the world this year? | 15 December 2020
2020 is on course to become the third-warmest year on record; the development put in motion several catastrophic events
Why does China await its emission trading scheme for thermal power plants | 16 December 2020
The first phase of its Emission Trading Scheme covering power plants, earlier scheduled to be launched in 2020, is likely to expect its first transaction in early 2021
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Carbon capture technology not on track to reduce CO2 emissions| 21 December 2020
CCS technology aims to capture 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year by 2025, but that is unlikely to be met, according to International Energy Agency report
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Cold waves to locust attack: How climate crisis impacted India in 2020 | 18 December 2020
Delhi recorded its highest rainfall in 10 years for January 2020; There were 354 heavy rainfall events across India in March, April
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Work with nature, not against it in Anthropocene: Human Development Report| 17 December 2020
New social norms, improved incentives could usher in a new era for humanity, without human-generated pressures on Earth
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CO2 emissions from building sector highest in 2019: UNEP | 17 December 2020
The sector’s decarbonisation progress also slowing down, notes report
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Coal here to stay, but measures can cut down emissions by 22%: CSE| 14 December 2020
Coal to contribute around 50% of electricity generation mix even in 2030, according to CSE analysis
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Paris Accord and beyond, what is the road to COP26 Glasgow?
Two CSE experts discuss the progress so far since the signing of the Paris Agreement and the trajectory of the climate negotiations in the year ahead
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