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19 January – 25 January 2021
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By 2080, greenhouse gases are expected to raise the risk of extreme wildfire by 50% meanwhile, China’s climate pledge to move away from fossil fuels seems ironic, as it continues to be the largest coal producer, importer and consumer globally. Our food system is fueling climate change however, infectious diseases are bigger global threat than climate change.

 Budget 2021-22 should incentivize clean fuel for pollution control and compressed biogas has an edge over CNG. Good monsoon pushes up Bihar groundwater level however, Tamil Nadu experiences excessive rainfall with each district witnessed a minimum excess precipitation of 400%. Also, Turkey experiences severe drought, with Istanbul possibly run out of water in months.

Trump’s big gamble to gut US power plant emissions rules loses in court, opening a door for new climate rules. With Joe Biden as the new President of the United States, we ask, from antagonist to protagonist: Is POTUS 46 the climate hero we need?

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Did stratospheric warming lead to excessive rainfall in Tamil Nadu?, 20 January 2021 Down To Earth
Down To Earth Anthropogenic emissions cause distinct regional impacts on extreme fire weather: Study, 20 January 2021
Budget 2021-22 should incentivise clean fuel for pollution control, 22 January 2021
Transition to cleaner fuels used for combustion, as done in Beijing, is the most dependable solution to clean Delhi’s air
Trump’s big gamble to gut US power plant emissions rules loses in court, opening a door for new climate rules, 21 January 2021
The appeals court ruling in the power plant case merely confirms that many of the rollbacks rested on shaky legal grounds. These legal flaws will make it easier for Biden to undo many of the rollbacks
China’s climate pledge and the 2020 irony, 20 January 2021
Last year China produced a record 3.84 billion tonnes of coal since 2015
From antagonist to protagonist: Is POTUS 46 the climate hero we need, 19 January 2021
US must cut emissions faster if Paris Agreement is to keep rolling
Down To Earth
Infectious diseases bigger global threat than climate change: World Economic Forum report, 20 January 2021
5 of the top 10 risks in terms of impact and likelihood are, however, all environmental
Down To Earth
Clean push: Why compressed biogas has an edge over CNG, 20 January 2021
CBG can replace CNG as a transport and industrial fuel, while dissuading farmers from setting fire to paddy stubble
Down To Earth
Diet to save: Our food system is fuelling climate change; are we ready to switch to a new diet?, 19 January 2021
A growing body of scientific evidence suggests our dietary habits are putting way too much pressure on the environment
Down To Earth
Severe drought in Turkey: Istanbul can run of water in months, 19 January 2021
Several of the city's aquifers have recorded the lowest volumes recorded in 15 years
Down To Earth
Good monsoon pushes up Bihar groundwater level, 19 January 2021
All 38 districts in the state recorded an increase
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