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26 January – 1 February 2021
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The burning of fossil fuels are the main contributor to climate change, and countries around the world need to transition to clean energy. But developing countries need assistance to do this. For example, the use of dirty fuels in Ghana can be combatted with subsidies to households for clean fuels.

In India, coal production declined during COVID-19, and the government is keen to move towards a gas-based economy, which could reduce air pollution.

Other climate-friendly policies in India have had a slow implementation, such as the government’s tree planting target.

Climate change is destroying the Earth’s valuable systems, and Antarctica’s largest iceberg recently suffered a major split – this could have long-term ramifications. The good news is that sixty four per cent of 1.2 million people around the world surveyed by UNDP believe that climate change is a global emergency.

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Antarctic iceberg, once Earth’s biggest, suffers major split, 29 January 2021
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Use of dirty fuels is pervasive in Ghana. What can be done to transition to clean energy, 28 January 2021
Giving subsidies could help more households use clean fuels
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Only 2.8% plantation target achieved under Green India Mission: Economic Survey, 29 January 2021
Only 0.14 million hectares land of the 5 million hectares target have been covered in 5 years
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COVID-19 led to coal production and import decline: Economic Survey, 29 January 2021
This is a very worrying trend, says Delhi-based non-profit CSE
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India moving towards gas-based economy: President Kovind, 29 January 2021
Work happening to improve infrastructure and increase connectivity
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Climate change is real & an emergency: 64% people voted so, 28 January 2021
People living in small island developing states showed highest support for climate action
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