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March 23 - March 29, 2021
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This week we discover how warm weather is linked with a decrease in the productivity of the labour force, and how it may also not control the COVID-19 resurgence.

Climate change is one of the many drivers that are worsening food security in over 20 countries.

Solutions are available however, and we learn about the role of clean energy in India’s climate-secure future, the importance of carbon-free transportation like cycling, and the study of tree genetics to improve climate resilience.

Lastly, the rainfall and thunderstorm season begins in India, but it is not likely to be as strong as predicted.
Storm season begins in India but not as strong as predicted, 23 March 2021
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Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities, 30 March 2021
Focusing solely on electric vehicles is slowing down the race to zero emissions
Earth Hour 2021: India should embrace clean tech that minimises environmental damage, 26 March 2021
Embracing clean tech innovations will not only help address the challenge of climate change but also bring about tremendous improvements in local air quality in the long run
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How understanding genes can help scientists adapt trees to climate change, 25 March 2021
Climate change can transform the time when trees sprout leaves; understanding plant’s genes can help tide over the problem
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Heat stress affected worker output in factories in India: Study, 25 March 2021
Manufacturing plants generate about two per cent less revenue for every one degree Celsius rise in annual temperature, the study found
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Acute hunger set to rise in over 20 countries, warns UN, 24 March 2021
Yemen, South Sudan and northern Nigeria topped the list with populations facing catastrophic levels of acute hunger and starvation
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Warmer weather may not control COVID-19 resurgence, warns WMO, 24 March 2021
Government intervention important in containing the pandemic in 2021 as well, the report says
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