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April 13- April 21, 2021
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This week United States President Joe Biden is convening 40 world leaders for a climate summit, where he will reveal the US’ new pledge to the Paris Agreement – and it must be ambitious enough.

Meanwhile, erratic weather conditions have been observed as the sulphur dioxide from a Caribbean volcano reached the Indian subcontinent. Climate change may make Indian monsoons more volatile in the future, but conditions this year are expected to be normal. Other impacts continue however, including dry weather in India’s North East, decreased gur production in Bengal, forest fires in Uttarakhand, and sea level rise threats to the Maldives.

We also track how countries are preparing for the transition from the petro to electro-economy – particularly how prepared India is for this transition, China’s lead, and the rest of the world.

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Sulphur dioxide from Caribbean volcano reaches India, WMO confirms, 17 April 2021
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Down To Earth Climate change may make Indian monsoons more volatile, wet years ahead: Study, 15 April 2021
North East India might witness another dry monsoon: Skymet Weather, 14 April 2021
This would be the region's 20th dry monsoon in the last 21 years if the prediction holds true
Biden's Climate Summit: All eyes will be on the US, come April 22, 21 April 2021
An ambitious nationally determined contribution unveiled by the US at the Leaders Summit could help rebuild trust among sceptics
Climate change is real & world needs real leadership to fight it, 21 April 2021
As President Joe Biden readies his climate summit for Earth Day, Sunita Narain spells out why and how the US and the rest of the world needs to stand up and take initiative
From Petro to Electro: How prepared is India to ride the energy transition wave?, 19 April 2021
An electro-economy is an inevitable reality. The quicker India prepares for this change, the bigger will be the economic spin off, along with low carbon and health benefits
Climate change hurts: Will Gourmet ‘gur’ continue to thrive in Bengal’s Jaynagar, 19 April 2021
Destruction of date palm trees during cyclone Amphan and warming weather have resulted in a huge decline in production of West Bengal’s trademark nolen gur
Solar, wind can break Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam deadlock, 18 April 2021
New research shows that Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and their neighbours can deploy large-scale solar and wind farms and establish a regionally integrated power grid
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Forest fires in India: Alerts since April 1 nearly double that of 2020, 19 April 2021
The country reported 82,170 VIIRS alerts in the fortnight till April 14; Uttarakhand sees significant jump in number
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Petro to Electro: It is the Dragon vs the Rest on critical minerals, 16 April 2021
There is a fight among countries to secure the greatest share of critical battery minerals and China has taken a huge early lead
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India to have 'normal' monsoon in 2021, predicts IMD, 16 April 2021
Global climatic factors such as El Nino and La Nina are not likely to be at play
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How to face a rising sea? Maldives bets on artificial islands, 15 April 2021
About 80% of Maldive’s coral islands are less than one metre above sea level
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Petro to Electro: A new transition that will change the world, has begun, 14 April 2021
The geopolitics of the world will shift from oil producing countries to the rare earth and other critical mineral producing countries in the coming years
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