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April 22 – April 26, 2021
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Forest fires broke out in two Mizoram districts this week, as well as a sudden glacial outburst Sumna in Uttarakhand. We have not seen any cyclones this month, which poses questions about the possibility of strong cyclones the next month.

US President Joe Biden held a virtual Leaders Summit last week at which many major polluting countries have increased their climate ambitions. The US’ new climate pledge of cutting emissions by 50% this decade raises questions on its feasibility. It also needs to reduce its production and use of fossil fuels. Archana Soreng, youth advisor to the UN- Secretary General stated that rights must be given to indigenous people to tackle climate change.

As nations fight for minerals critical for clean energy, the question arises whether or not India will be able to secure its position in this New Energy order.

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Will May witness severe cyclones?, 23 April 2021
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Biden’s climate summit: Major polluters ramp up climate ambition, 26 April 2021
The summit has put climate back on the agenda and forced leaders of major economies to confront the scale of the task ahead
New US climate pledge: Cut emissions 50% this decade, but can Biden make it happen?, 23 April 2021
Industrial reality is the chief concern: Cutting emissions by half within a decade implies transforming the electricity system, transportation, industry & agriculture
Biden's climate summit: The US needs to walk the talk on fossil fuels, 22 April 2021
Amid the noise and pagentry, the climate community must specifically maintain laser sharp focus on one theme, among others, namely fossil fuels
Biden‘s climate leadership summit: What should 3 PMs from South Asia do, 22 April 2021
The South Asian People’s Action on Climate Crisis has issued this demand-statement for the three south Asian prime ministers who have been invited to participate in the virtual climate summit being organised by US President Joe Biden on April 22-23
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Give indigenous people their rights to tackle climate change: Archana Soreng, 26 April 2021
The youth advisor to the UN Secretary-General speaks on nature-based solutions at Joe Biden’s virtual climate summit, but says this won't be enough
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Forest fire in two districts of Mizoram; IAF helicopters to help put it down, 25 April 2021
Lunglei, one of the Mizoram districts affected by a forest fire April 24, is among the most fire-prone in India
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Climate colloquy: All about net zero, 24 April 2021
An exclusive series based on CSE’s new book Climate Change: Science and Politics to answer your climate change queries
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Glacial burst at Sumna on the Indo-China border near Reni in Uttarakhand, 23 April 2021
Sumna is an uninhabited place, with only border roads personnel working there; no word yet on casualties
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The New Oil Rush: Nations scramble for minerals critical to clean energy, 22 April 2021
As a bitter battle ensues between China and the rest of the world to control rare earth minerals, can India secure its place in this new energy order?
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Glacier burst in Chamoli, Uttarakhand leaves 8 dead
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