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May 19 — May 25, 2021
Dear readers,

This week, the Indian sub-continent was hit by two cyclones -Takutae and Yaas back to back. With the unexpected lessons learned from Takutae, Bengal and Odisha have geared up to manage the impact of cyclone Yaas.

While Odisha started mass evacuations to special COVID shelters for evacuees as fishing vessels return to shore, Bengal is doubling the number of disaster shelters to avoid the spread of the virus. The monsoon system of both the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal might also experience some intense cyclonic activity.

The COVID situation might improve with the ongoing vaccination drives, but it has raised public concerns about the environment? Africa experienced the fourth-warmest April this year. Rising temperatures also affected the livelihoods of rural communities in Maharashtra, causing heat stress.

Ongoing impacts of increased global warming have broken off the world’s largest Iceberg in Antarctica. A study on the Arctic over the last 50 years shows how it has warmed thrice as much as the planet.

The IEA roadmap discussed the way forward to make GHG reduction in the global energy and industry sector possible.

We remember the late Sunderlal Bahuguna through the retelling of his anecdotes, from the environmental activist's visit to Kolkata a decade ago.

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Cyclone Yaas gathers speed, set for early landfall on May 26, 24 May 2021
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Down To Earth Cyclone Tauktae shows why north Indian Ocean is now whacky, 20 May 2021
Warming Africa: Continent experienced fourth-warmest April this year, 19 May 2021
Africa has been warming steadily in the last two decades, according to data
Lessons from Taukte: Can extreme weather help with rainwater harvesting?, 24 May 2021
Cyclone Tauktae that crossed Gujarat as an ‘extremely severe cyclonic storm’, caused heavy rainfall in semi-arid places
COVID-19: How heat stress affected livelihood, health of Maharashtra’s rural communities, 24 May 2021
The COVID-19 situation may improve with increased vaccinations, but temperatures will continue to rise for the foreseeable future, putting outdoor workers at risk of heat stress
Sunderlal Bahuguna: The oxygen for the global green fraternity, 23 May 2021
Anecdotes from the environmental activist's visit to Kolkata a decade back
IEA Roadmap modelling its way out to remove emissions with tech, 19 May 2021
To make the IEA Roadmap for the global energy sector a reality, global development in clean and green energy needs to vastly pick up the pace and accelerate technological innovation
Down To Earth
Monsoon reaches Bay of Bengal; Kerala onset on May 31: IMD, 24 May 2021
The intense cyclonic activities over the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea might influence the monsoon system
Down To Earth
Odisha starts mass evacuation as Cyclone Yaas nears, 24 May 2021
A surge in COVID-19 cases has exacerbated fears regarding loss of lives and livelihood
Down To Earth
Cyclone Yaas: Fishing vessels return to shore as Odisha ramps up preparation, 21 May 2021
Special cyclone shelters are being set up for evacuees who test positive for COVID-19
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Cyclone Yaas may turn extremely severe by May 25, 21 May 2021
The low-pressure area that will eventually intensify into cyclone Yaas is likely to form on May 22 over the north Andaman Sea and east central Bay of Bengal
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Cyclone Yaas: Bengal to double number of disaster shelters to avoid COVID-19 spread, 21 May 2021
Cyclone Yaas is predicted to strike Bengal, which is recording 20,000 COVID-19 cases daily, on May 26
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Odisha braces for Cyclone Yaas amid COVID-19 crisis, 19 May 2021
The eastern state will witness a pre-monsoon cyclone for the third year in a row
Down To Earth
COVID-19 effect: Public concerns about environment have risen, 19 May 2021
There was an increase of 16% in the numbers of people concerned about loss of biodiversity from 2016-2020, described by experts as ‘eco-wakening’
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How the world's largest iceberg broke off in Antarctica
Down To Earth
Arctic has warmed thrice as much as the planet in the last 50 years: Report
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