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May 26 – June 1, 2021
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This week we observed the raging impacts of Cyclone Yaas - the 96th tropical cyclone to strike Odisha in 130 years. It has caused the destruction of houses, displacement of families, and affected livelihoods in the Sundarbans region and Odisha. It led to the felling of 100 trees in Bhitarnika National Park, and its wind speed is expected to heavily impact the maize crops in Bihar. While the UN has praised Odisha’s CM Naveen Patnaik in his efforts to address the ravaging impacts of Cyclone Yaas, the damage to local ecosystems is still widespread.

Elsewhere, NOAA has predicted an 'above average' hurricane season for the US and Caribbean.

The UN has called for swift zero-carbon recovery action at its latest climate summit since the world is at risk of hitting its 1.5C temperature limit sometime in the next 5 years. The recently held Eighth Global Nitrogen Conference shed the light on the importance of sustainable management and assessment of nitrogen compounds in achieving the 17 SDGs targets of 2030.

In a landmark ruling, oil giant Shell has been asked to cut its emissions by a Dutch court. India is observing the expanding landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), where the media has a crucial role to play.

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NOAA predicts ‘above average’ hurricane season for US, Caribbean, 26 May 2021
Down To Earth
Down To Earth Cyclone Yaas is the 96th tropical cyclone to strike Odisha in 130 years, 26 May 2021
The expanding landscape of environmental, social, and governance in India, 31 May 2021
Media will have a major role to play in creating mass awareness among investors in India
Why Shell being asked to cut emissions is a big move on Big Oil, 27 May 2021
Fossil fuel companies are notorious for greenwashing their intentions and this legal challenge can set a precedent for other courts
Down To Earth
Eighth Global Nitrogen Conference focuses on sustainable development goals, 31 May 2021
Assessing and managing nitrogen compounds sustainably will be crucial to achieving the 17 UN SDGs targeted for 2030
Down To Earth
UN praises Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik again for saving lives during Cyclone Yaas, 31 May 2021
The UN had earlier praised Naveen Patnaik after Cyclone Phailin had hit Odisha in 2013
Down To Earth
Cyclone Yaas: Where are the 50 million mangroves gone, asks Mamata? 28 May 2021
Banerjee's earlier government had planted 50 million mangroves after Cyclone Amphan despite experts criticizing the plan
Down To Earth
Months after forest fire, Cyclone Yaas threatens flooding in Similipal, 28 May 2021
Animals are being evacuated from the national park even as power and communication are disrupted
Down To Earth
Cyclone Yaas: Record evacuation saves lives in Sundarbans but not livelihoods, 27 May 2021
Floodwaters brought about by rains due to Cyclone Yaas breached embankments across the region; residents used their bodies to plug embankment breaches
Down To Earth
UN calls for swift zero-carbon recovery action at the climate summit, 27 May 2021
There is a 40% chance of annual average global temperature temporarily reaching 1.5 degrees Celsius in at least one of the next five years, cautions a WMO report
Down To Earth
A day after Cyclone Yaas, signs of destruction in Odisha, 27 May 2021
3 people died in the state; restoration work starts in affected districts
Down To Earth
Cyclone Yaas fells hundreds of trees in Bhitarkanika, hit on fauna being assessed, 27 May 2021
National park hit hard by cyclone 3rd year in a row
Down To Earth
Cyclone Yaas: Landfall speed lower than predicted, but damage severe, 26 May 2021
At least 51 embankments in East Medinipur and 24 in South 24 Parganas were breached, CM Mamata Banerjee said
Down To Earth
Cyclone Yaas: Heavy rains may spell doom for maize farmers of Bihar, 26 May 2021
Bihar is likely to witness moderate to heavy rains along with high-velocity winds on May 27 and 28
Down To Earth
Cyclone Yaas makes landfall: Houses blown away, families displaced in Odisha, 26 May 2021
The landfall started at 9 am and was accompanied by a wind speed of 140-160 kph. Heavy rains continued to lash coastal districts
Down To Earth
World at risk of hitting 1.5°C tipping point during next five years, warns WMO
There is a 90% likelihood of at least one year between 2021-2025 becoming the warmest on record
Down To Earth
WATCH: How cyclones influence monsoon arrival
An early monsoon over Kerala is not indicative of the impact over rest of the country; monsoon rains may arrive over central India by June-end, 2 weeks later than expected
Down To Earth
Cyclone Yaas ravages through Odisha
Yaas has now weakened into a severe cyclone and it will weaken into a cyclonic storm in the next six hours
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