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June 2 – June 8, 2021
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Normal Monsoons are becoming rarer in contrast to what the forecasts predicted. Cyclone Yaas has mostly impacted both Bengal and Odisha’s farmers by destroying the standing crops. The intensification of cyclones and irregularity in monsoon has been the potential effects of climate change. According to another study global warming has caused over a third of heat-related deaths by human-induced climate change.

This World Environment Day it becomes more important to focus on the critical issues as what we need is an evergreen revolution and ecosystem restoration to tackle climate change. It is our time to act, as greenwashing is not going to help anybody.

Renewable energy is estimated to attract 70% of global energy investments. Asian subcontinent needs urgently to cut down its emission to bring down black carbon by 23%. According to the Government of India, SDG Index; Odisha and Andaman are the most prepared to reach Climate Action SDG. NASA plans to launch two new missions to Venus by 2030.

State of India’s Environment 2021 E-book can be read from the DTE website and CSE’s latest book Climate Change: Science and Politics can be brought online at the CSE store.

Normal monsoons becoming rarer despite forecasts to the contrary, 02 June 2021
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Down To Earth Global warming caused over a third of heat-related deaths between 1991 and 2018: Study, 02 June 2021
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We need to invest in research on ecosystems; we need governance that is multi-disciplinary and multi-agency and we need to protect what is left, if ecosystem collpase is to be prevented
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What we need is an evergreen revolution that secures livelihood, provides for energy security and combats climate change
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Renewable energy estimated to attract 70% global energy investment in 2021: IEA, 04 June 2021
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Cyclone Yaas: Acres of standing crop destroyed in Odisha’s ‘vegetable bowl’, 07 June 2021
Farmers fear further losses if rainwater is not flushed out from the fields
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Black carbon in High Asia can go down 23% if Subcontinent cuts emissions: Report, 04 June 2021
Black carbon deposited on glaciers reduces snow’s light and heat reflection capacity, making it melt
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Cyclone Yaas aftermath: Bengal farmers worry on how to carry on, 04 June 2021
As rain water breached embankements, saline water entered the fields, destroying the standing crop
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Odisha, Andamans most prepared to reach climate action SDG: Government, 03 June 2021
The SDG Index and Dashboard brought out by the NITI Aayog also gauged India's preparedness for disasters, its saving of carbon dioxide, its share of renewable energy and fatalities due to extreme weather
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NASA plans to launch two new missions to Venus by 2030
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World Environment Day 2021: Why are cyclones intensifying in Indian Ocean
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Down To Earth
State of India’s Environment 2021: In Figures (E-book)   Climate Change: Science and Politics
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