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June 23 – June 29, 2021
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Acting now on climate change will prevent its worst impacts later this century. As North America swelters beneath a heat dome, 15 million Asian cities may be impacted by rising sea levels by 2030. According to experts while India may experience flash floods as a result of heavy rains this month, another study finds such occurrences are rare. Thunderstorms are also being used by scientists to forecast climate change.

South Africa is on track to become the world leader in zero-carbon shipping fuel. Switching to renewables, according to research, can save energy operators’ costs while also saving the environment. As the Antarctica Treaty approaches its 60th anniversary, the issue of whether it is still fit for purpose arises. Ghana successfully planted 5 million trees in a single day. And, solar irrigation has been discovered to have the potential to transform Indian agriculture.

CSE’s recently launched book Climate Change: Science and Politics can be bought online from the CSE store, and the e-book - State of India’s Environment 2021: In Figures is available on the DTE website.
Climate Change is real: Temperate North America sizzles under ‘heat dome’, 29 June 2021
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Down To Earth Departure in rainfall across flood-affected districts this June very sharp: DTE analysis, 28 June 2021
Extreme rainfall in June may lead to longer flood duration in India, warn experts, 28 June 2021
A weak monsoon cycle, coupled with extreme and excessive rainfall, has caused flash floods in India
Act now: How climate action in this decade can prevent catastrophic global warming later, 28 June 2021
There is scientific consensus that rapid and deep cuts to emissions in this decade, and not later, will avoid scenarios of uncontrollable warming and high mitigation costs later this century
The Antarctic Treaty is turning 60. In a changed world, is it still fit for purpose? 23 June 2021
As disputes have arisen over years, many have been addressed through expansion of treaty framework. This framework is now referred to as the Antarctic Treaty System
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15 million in Asia’s cities can be affected by sea-level rise by 2030: Greenpeace, 29 June 2021
$724 billion in Gross Domestic Product could be impacted due to extreme sea-level rise and coastal flooding by 2030
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South Africa can become world leader in zero-carbon shipping fuels: Study, 29 June 2021
South Africa has abundant natural resources and is situated on one of the busiest international sea routes
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Can thunderstorms tell us more about climate change, 24 June 2021
Scientists spot correlation between storms in US Southern Great Plains and variations in climate
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Switching to renewables will save cost for operators while saving the environment : Study, 24 June 2021
Around 162 GW or 62% of total renewable power capacity added last year had lower costs than the cheapest new fossil fuel option
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Solar irrigation can transform Indian agriculture, enhance livelihoods of small to marginal farmers, 23 June 2021
Farmers can have control over water and electricity supply through solar water pumps
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