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June 30 – July 6, 2021
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The impacts of climate change and COVID-19 are being felt across the world. As of June 2021, Odisha experienced a 17 percent rainfall deficit, while the US-Mexico border is facing a megadrought. Floods and locust outbreaks have caused starvation in the East African region, while Canada recorded 12000 lightning strikes in a single day due to the heat wave. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused a financial strain in cities of developing countries according to World Bank.

The viability of nature-based solutions in mitigating the impact of climate change is dubious till they are implemented effectively and with adequate support. According to indigenous people, the LEAF’s coalition proposal might be a step forward for forest conservation.

As issues on whether solar electricity and electric vehicles are 'clean' have surfaced, it would be interesting to see how India's new rooftop solar metering norms play out. People are ready to pay for products that help conserve natural resources. As South Africa transitions to renewables, the number of lawsuits filed against fossil fuel companies may increase.

CSE’s recently launched book Climate Change: Science and Politics can be bought online from the CSE store and the e-book State of India’s Environment 2021: In Figures is available on the DTE website.
Megadrought along border strains US - Mexico water relations, 02 July 2021
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Nature-based solutions: Convenient ignorance of the inconvenient truth, 05 July 2021
Solutions based on going back to nature do exist, but to make a tangible impact on climate change, they need to be executed at scale and with adequate support from both the developed and developing world
LEAF Coalition’s proposal is a step forward in saving forests, indigenous peoples, 01 July 2021
The implementation of the coalition’s plan will help pump in fresh rigor among developing countries like India, that are reluctant to recognize the contributions of their forest-dwelling populations in mitigating climate change
Evidences dating back to the 1500s to be used for projections on climate change, biodiversity, 01 July 2021
The scoping study will be conducted over three years and analyze impact up till 2050
Rooftop solar : How will India's new net metering norms play out, 30 June 2021
The commissions have introduced time-of-the-day tariffs whereby prosumers are incentivised to install energy storage
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More and more people willing to pay extra for products that help conserve natural resources, 05 July 2021
The sentiment was stronger in developing countries, especially China, India, Colombia, Chile and Peru
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Our cities need big funds to fight climate risks: World Bank, 05 July 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic added strain to cities’ finances in cities in developing countries; the disruption continues to make planning for future difficult
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South Africa’s Eskom seeks $10 billion for strategic closure; transition to renewables, 02 July 2021
The development is significant as the South African utility is biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the country
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Devil’s Advocate: Are solar electricity and electric vehicles really ‘clean’, 02 July 2021
A behind-the-scenes look helps one know that human as well as economic costs need to be paid upfront to make either solar grade silicon or put together a million lithium batteries
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Kharif farming affected as monsoon plays truant in Odisha, 01 July 2021
The state received around 17 per cent deficit rainfall in June 2021
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COVID-19, climate crisis: 7.8 million across east Africa pushed to starvation, 30 June 2021
Floods and locust outbreak in east African region lead to increased food shortages, where 34 million people are acutely food insecure
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