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July 14 – July 20, 2021
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Temperatures in 2021 have hit record levels leading to extreme weather events like heat waves, drought, sea level rise and flash floods around the world.

On the energy front we take a look at the potential of rooftop solar and storage, solar manufacturing, offshore wind in India, the power crisis in Punjab, and the role of artificial intelligence.

A new study finds only 25 cities are responsible for 52% of global urban GHG emissions. Globally, China has unveiled its long-awaited carbon market, while the European Union released a new package of climate proposals.

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Europe to US to India, it’s been a week of extreme weather events, 20 July 2021
Down To Earth
Down To Earth This June was the fifth-warmest on record, 20 July 2021
Roasted North: Why record-shattering heatwaves are burning the northern hemisphere, 16 July 2021
The heatwaves in the northern hemisphere are now frequent, early, intense and last longer as seen in Siberia last year and North America this year
This heatwave is not a weather blip, 14 July 2021
Searing heat, touching 50 degrees Celsius in the otherwise cold regions of Canada and in the western regions of the United States, has brought home the message — that climate change is here and is about to get worse
Why rooftop solar and storage offers a viable future for India, 20 July 2021
Energy storage represents a huge economic opportunity for India. Concerted strategies could help India meet its emission reduction targets
There is a demand-supply mismatch in solar manufacturing. Is India making the right choice?, 19 July 2021
Lack of financing support, inconsistent government policy, lack of scale and competition from low-priced Chinese imports have undercut India’s domestic module manufacturing growth
Expedite climate action, focus on protected areas: What Bhupendra Yadav should map out, 16 July 2021
The new environment minister has inherited governance challenges from his predecessor as the country experiences institutional inefficiency
Climate crisis: Is Earth destabilising?, 15 July 2021
Until now, it was all climate change and global warming to us. But the contention that that is just one among the others, is a great revelation
The stratosphere, the earth’s blanket is disappearing, 15 July 2021
The shrinking stratosphere is a stark signal of the climate emergency and the planetary-scale influence that humanity now exerts
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India’s Offshore Wind Energy: A roadmap for getting started, 20 July 2021
Offshore wind farms generate more electricity per installed capacity
Down To Earth
Clean energy: How AI can help spot the copper we need, 19 July 2021
A supply crunch may be on the horizon; artificial intelligence can help discover copper deposits formed along ancient mountain ranges over past 80 million years
Down To Earth
China has a carbon market now: What does it mean, 16 July 2021
Will overtake the EU market; carbon prices likely to be lower than the EU
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How the renewable energy ministry’s new order will impact India’s solar energy target, 16 July 2021
The order will be effective from April 10, 2021
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EU’s new climate proposal is vast. But is it transformational?, 15 July 2021
Economy-wide package of creative proposals may or may not bring fundamental changes that wealthy countries must implement to halt climate crisis
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Climate crisis: Madagascar drought worsens, 15 July 2021
Women, children have to walk for hours to get to food distribution points; families living on raw red cactus fruits, wild leaves and locusts
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High-tide flood risk is accelerating, putting coastal economies at risk, 15 July 2021
The frequency of high-tide flooding along the coasts of United States has doubled since 2000
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Climate change to increase sea level in Lakshadweep, affect airport, residential areas: Study, 15 July 2021
Lakshadweep Islands are one of the least polluting marine ecosystems and yet have to bear the harsh brunt of climate change
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Power crisis unlikely to improve till electricity demand drops in Punjab, 14 July 2021
Interstate transmission line and going renewable could solve Punjab power crisis, say experts
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Only 25 cities responsible for 52% of global urban GHG emissions: Study, 14 July 2021
Cities in the developed world show higher per capita emissions, according to the study
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All in a day: Dry northern districts have excess rain after July 13 shower, 14 July 2021
On July 13, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab, which had till then, experienced deficient to large deficient rainfall, reported excess rainfall in various districts
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Flood victims take shelter on roads, embankments after June floods in Bihar, 13 July 2021
The victims are living without shelter and are severely constrained for food and other necessities
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