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August 25 – August 31, 2021
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The monsoons have been deficient in India’s northeast and northwest, and the state of Odisha, and these variations are ringing alarm bells. Desertification is intensifying as a result.

Elsewhere extreme rainfall has caused flooding and this is likely caused by climate change; Hurricane Ida ravaged the Gulf of Mexico, with the affected areas in the US being unprepared for its impacts.

In energy news, we learn about the benefits of combining green roofs and solar PV panels, the benefits of Botswana shifting to renewable energy, and the role of coal in rising global power demand.

Climate change is driving policymakers to rely on land sinks to mop up emissions, and putting one billion children at high risk.

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Monsoon 2021: Is it time for severe drought in India’s northeast and northwest?, 01 September 2021
Down To Earth
Down To Earth Hurricane Ida turned into a monster thanks to a giant warm patch in the Gulf of Mexico — here’s what happened, 01 September 2021
Climate crisis in North East India: Monsoon variations should ring alarm bells NOW, 30 August 2021
Over the past century or so, rainfall in the region, along with the flood-drought cycle, has changed character for the worse. The phenomenon has picked up pace in recent years
Let's talk land sinks: Are they enough to beat global warming, 01 September 2021
Despite caution from scientists, policymakers and corporates still assume that natural carbon sinks like forests will mop up their fossil fuel emissions
Planning to install rooftop solar panels? How about some grass beneath it, 30 August 2021
Integrating green roofs and solar PV systems can enhance their functions and effectiveness through cooling and shading effects
Down To Earth
More power to you: Why Botswana should go green, 01 September 2021
IRENA bats for solar, wind to increase energy access in Botswana
Down To Earth
Looming drought: Naveen asks Odisha babus to prep crop contingency plan, 01 September 2021
Rainfall between June 1 and August 15 in the eastern state has been 30 per cent less than normal
Down To Earth
African tropical mountain forests store 2/3rd more carbon than previously estimated: Study, 31 August 2021
The Nature report underscores the vital role these tropical forests play in combating climate change
Down To Earth
As Monsoon 2021 reaches its end, DTE traces its erratic trajectory, 30 August 2021
August was a very dry month with just one low pressure area; such areas could reduce in the future due to global warming
Down To Earth
Hurricane Ida brings back spectre of rapid intensification of storms, 30 August 2021
US’ disaster preparedness post-Hurricane Katrina under lens
Down To Earth
India’s northeastern states desertifying most rapidly, 27 August 2021
Half of Nagaland is degraded, flags new report
Down To Earth
South Africa: Greenhouse gas emissions up 10% in 17 years, 27 August 2021
Developing countries like South Africa emit much less per capita than developed economies; hence chances of emissions shooting up is higher
Down To Earth
In 5 graphs: How Monsoon 2021 is turning out to be an unusual one, 26 August 2021
Officially, it is still a normal monsoon but deficit level has been rising since July
Down To Earth
Power demand is back and it is not all green, 26 August 2021
Coal-fired power plants continue to play a major role in global energy sector DESPITE a climate emergency
Down To Earth
Climate crisis putting a billion children at ‘extremely high risk,’ warns new UN report, 25 August 2021
Almost half of the world’s children are seriously threatened by the rapidly deteriorating global climate
Down To Earth
Monsoon 2021: A month before season’s end, over one-third of districts deficit in rainfall, 25 August 2021
All the districts in Gujarat have reported deficit or large deficit rainfall
Down To Earth
How an English-medium school near Sunderbans is helping children understand climate change, 25 August 2021
The school has introduced environmental pedagogy and vocational training to prepare them for alternative livelihood options
Down To Earth
Who to blame for July Europe floods? Human-induced climate change, 25 August 2021
Rainfall events in western Europe now 9 times more likely to happen
Down To Earth
How do your favourite fashion brands score on climate card? Quite bad, 25 August 2021
Sports brands fare better than fast fashion ones on climate commitments as well as switch to low-carbon materials in manufacturing
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