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September 15 – September 21, 2021
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This week, Sunita Narain comments on the US-China rivalry that will lead to more competition, paving a comeback for a ’brown agenda’.

Climate change has severely affected monsoon reliability in Northeastern India and Odisha, and climate-induced displacement has made women and children vulnerable to human trafficking.

Climate change has not slowed despite COVID-19, and its risks are impacting agriculture in almost every country.

In India awareness about climate impacts is rising amongst the population, but India’s domestic action to address the climate crisis has been rated as ‘highly insufficient’ by a new rating system published by the research group Climate Action Tracker.

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Extreme weather events in India made women, children more vulnerable to modern slavery, flags report, 21 September 2021
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Down To Earth Climate crisis in North East India: Assam’s Golaghat hasn’t had normal monsoon in 30 years, 21 September 2021
Climate crisis in North East India: Why Nagaland’s Liphi, Runchan villages saw floods never seen before, 20 September 2021
Nagaland's Wokha district experienced at least 3 heavy-to-very heavy rainfall events in 2018
More companies pledge ‘net-zero’ emissions to fight climate change, but what does that really mean?, 22 September 2021
Some companies take advantage of carbon reductions elsewhere by buying carbon credits; but it draws criticism because it allows those companies to keep generating greenhouse gases
Why ‘climate refugees’ in this Kerala village don’t want schools to reopen, 21 September 2021
The pandemic came as a blessing in disguise for the fisherfolk of Valiyathura
The past about to return, 20 September 2021
The US-China rivalry will lead to more competition, paving a comeback for a ’brown agenda’ we can ill afford
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Climate finance for Small Island Developing States slumped to 2017 levels in 2019: OECD, 21 September 2021
Small Island Developing States are vulnerable to increased risk of storm surges, sea-level rise and altered rainfall patterns
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Transboundary climate risks impact agricultural production in every country: Report, 20 September 2021
International trade in six major agricultural commodities, including rice and wheat, affected by transboundary climate risks
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Survey highlights gap between climate emergency perception, action in India, 17 September 2021
73% Indians are optimistic about avoiding climate crisis in their lifetime according to a survey by Epson; 4.1% don’t believe there is a climate emergency
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Climate crisis may destroy aquatic food systems — and livelihoods, economies, 17 September 2021
Much of Africa, South and Southeast Asia as well as the Indo-Pacific under high to very high risk under high-emissions, no-mitigation scenario
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No new coal by 2021: Zimbabwe, South Africa may become outliers, flags report, 17 September 2021
The two southern African countries have new coal projects in the pipeline amid clamour to move away from coal to cleaner fuel
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COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed climate change: UN, 16 September 2021
Unless urgent climate action is taken, the world could be in for catastrophic changes, according to a UN report
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Pitter-patter, flip-flop: The unpredictable 100 hours Monsoon 2021 just had, 16 September 2021
The IMD issued a forecast September 16 warning of heavy rainfall in Odisha and Gangetic West Bengal from September 18-20
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India’s climate action 'highly insufficient': New rating system, 16 September 2021
Climate Action Tracker's updated rating system reveals that most countries are doing very little to rein in carbon emissions and global warming
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Climate change is real: India received 129% over normal rainfall September 14, 15 September 2021
Climate change causing the wettest days in Odisha to become wetter and hottest days to become hotter
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