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November 01 – November 03, 2021
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Climate change has made unprecedented changes to our planet. The ongoing climate summit at Glasgow, COP 26, presents humanity with a make-or-break opportunity to halt this crisis.

At COP 26, India announced five bold new climate targets, but has chosen to stay away from the declaration on stopping deforestation. 24 African countries have signed the declaration, among a total of 100 countries.

Indigenous people are making their voices heard at the summit, while Least Developed Countries are demanding climate finance.

Down to Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment are rounding up key activities taking place each day of COP 26.

And Sunita Narain explains India’s NDC announcement and the need for equity in climate action in the linked videos.
CoP26: Humanity is compressing millions of years of natural change into just a few centuries, 03 November 2021
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Down To Earth CoP26 presents make or break opportunity to put world back on track: WMO, 01 November 2021
CoP26: Why is forest-rich India staying away from Glasgow Declaration, 03 November 2021
India not happy with the effort to link infrastructure development and related activities with forest conservation in the Glasgow Declaration’s final text
India’s new climate targets: Bold, ambitious and a challenge for the world, 02 November 2021
An already low-emitter, India’s new commitments to fight climate change force the historical emitters and China to commit to bolder emission-reduction pathways
Glasgow CoP26: Climate finance pledges from rich nations are inadequate and time is running out, 02 November 2021
If developing countries do not receive financial assistance to reduce emissions, it is unlikely we will meet the commitment of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5℃
CoP26: Modi offers ‘Panchamrita’ concoction for climate conundrum at Glasgow, 02 November 2021
Prime Minister Narendra Modi says India will become net zero by 2070
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CoP26: 24 African countries among 105 that signed ‘Glasgow declaration on land use’, 03 November 2021
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), one of the African signatories to ‘Glasgow declaration’ lost 490,000 hectares of primary forest in 2020
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Transboundary climate change, adaptation risks in Africa over next 10 years of great concern among policymakers: Survey, 03 November 2021
Insecurity from climate crises perceived as risk with most severe consequences
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CoP26 Diary (Nov 2): Did you know Brazil’s new NDCs will be even more damaging, 03 November 2021
A round-up of what went on at the Glasgow summit
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Half the national curricula worldwide don’t mention climate change, most teachers unsure of explaining subject: UNESCO, 03 November 2021
Thirty six per cent of the respondents did not include environmental themes in any teachers' training
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CoP26: Experts welcome Modi’s 2070 ‘net-zero’ date but brand move political, 02 November 2021
The move may have been triggered by geopolitical considerations rather than concern for the environment, they say
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Wheat could expand to higher latitudes if warming trends continue: Study, 02 November 2021
Global maize yield could decline 24% while wheat would increase 17% by 2030 if the world warms like it is doing now, says study
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Nuclear energy helped prevent 72 billion tonnes CO2 emissions since 1970, 02 November 2021
At the end of 2020, there were 441 operable reactors
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CoP26: Rome G20 Summit reaffirms old climate goals, more pressure on Glasgow, 01 November 2021
United States slams virtual attendance by Russia, China leaders
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COP 26: Water and Climate Coalition stresses on better disaster-warning to buffer water cycle changes, 01 November 2021
Water dimensions of climate change adaptation and mitigation must be addressed, says letter to global leaders
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Indigenous people are heading to CoP26: “There is no solution to the climate crisis, without us”, 01 November 2021
The indigenous movement has mobilised the largest delegation of Brazilian leaders in the history of the climate conference to put forward the demarcation of indigenous lands as a solution
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Expectations from CoP26: Climate finance needs to be scaled up with focus on adaptation, says LDC Group, 01 November 2021
The group wants a balance between funds provided for mitigation actions and those for adapting to climate change
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Local knowledge refined with tech & funds can help climate adaptation in Asia-Pacific: IFAD, 02 November 2021
Digital mapping along with local knowledge can be useful to identify climate-vulnerable hotspots
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CoP26 slideshow: Environment and development changes in a climate-risked world, 02 November 2021
Climate change is real; and it is important to understand its various manifestations to combat it. Sunita Narain presents a slideshow to cut the clutter
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What WMO report says on climate trends: Drivers and impacts, 01 November 2021
2015-2021 will be the warmest years on record, the World Meteorological Organization report flagged
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What does PM Modi's climate change goals at CoP26 Glasgow mean for India? Sunita Narain explains
Down To Earth
COP26 Glasgow: Why equity is key to stopping climate change. Indepth presentation by Sunita Narain
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