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December 2 - December 7, 2021
Dear readers,

In 2020 climate disasters displaced 4 million people in India.

Our industrial decarbonization plans leave much to be desired, while our cyclone risk management requires attention as well.

Despite reassurance from the Lok Sabha that environmental issues are being attended to, cyclones continue to destroy crops, and flooding continues.

According to the IMD, even though weak La Nina conditions are prevailing right now in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, they may strengthen during the winter season, leading to a warm winter in some regions.

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IMD predicts a warm winter in some regions despite La Nina, 02 December 2021
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Storm surges and relief: Why India should rethink its cyclone response, 04 December 2021
There is more to cyclone risk management than the total number of evacuees
PAT: Centre’s decarbonisation scheme not effective enough, says new CSE report, 02 December 2021
There has been very feeble reduction of CO2 emissions in the thermal sector under this scheme during the last ten years, finds CSE report
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Are you interested in the weather and its impact on nature? Here’s a career for you, 07 December 2021
Biometeorology is highly interdisciplinary and involves working with several different types of professionals
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Weak dyke floods Mousuni despite Cyclone Jawad fizzling out, 5000 affected, 07 December 2021
Mousuni is on the frontlines of global climate change impact and has suffered major loss and damage four times in last two years
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Jawad shatters hopes of paddy farmers in Odisha’s coastal districts, 06 December 2021
Many farmers in coastal Odisha were expecting a bumper harvest; however, rains due to Cyclone Jawad inundated fields, destroying crops
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Has Cyclone Jawad fizzled out? Yes, says IMD, 04 December 2021
Cyclone Jawad is likely to turn into a deep depression as it reaches the Puri coast, the IMD has said
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Cyclone Jawad: Bengal braces for intense rain, crop damage, 03 December 2021
Cyclone Jawad’s impact on West Bengal will be dependent on what direction the cyclone takes in Odisha, say experts
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Cyclone Jawad can make landfall in Odisha’s Puri district December 5: IMD, 03 December 2021
Farmers and fishermen in coastal Odisha districts prepare for the worst, with Cyclone Jawad predicted to make landfall in the area; many worried about their livelihood
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Centre offers update on various environmental problems bugging India, 03 December 2021
Government tells Lok Sabha it is making all-out efforts to tackle issues such as forest fires, air pollution as well as the impact of climate change on health
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Did poor government handling in Kerala cause 2018 floods? Yes, says CAG, 02 December 2021
From floodplain identification to flood hazard map to availability of rain gauges, CAG report points out shortcomings in Kerala’s flood response
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First December cyclone in 130 years: Odisha gears up for Cyclone Jawad, 02 December 2021
As many as 879 floods and cyclone shelters in the coastal pockets have been readied to house villagers, says official
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Climate disasters displace more people than conflicts now: World Migration Report 2022, 01 December 2021
In India, disasters displaced 4 million people in 2020
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