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January 8 – January 14, 2022
Dear readers,

The oceans experienced record temperatures in 2021 due to global warming, while parts of the world are prone to higher flood risks.

According to the Forest Survey of India’s new report, forest fires in Uttarakhand in November 2020-June 2021 (forest season) were 28.3 times more compared to November 2019-June 2020.

Cold weather in Madhya Pradesh due to western disturbances has caused crop losses, and is expected to last a few more days.

India is lagging behind on its rooftop solar energy potential – it needs easy financing, unrestricted net metering, and an easy regulatory process to make it attractive to developers. India also needs to formulate a sound solar waste management strategy.

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Record ocean warming in 2021, coastal communities should be on alert: Study, 12 January 2022
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Rooftop solar in India needs easy financing, unrestricted net metering, and an easy regulatory process to make it attractive to developers
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Environmental crises pose biggest threats to global population over next decade: WEF Global Risks Report 2022, 13 January 2022
The pandemic has worsened several social and economic risks in the last two years, say experts
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Global warming: Arctic lightning strikes up drastically in 2021, 13 January 2022
The North Pole saw 7,278 lightning strikes in 2021 — nearly double in the previous nine years combined
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Repowering: Why Tamil Nadu’s old wind turbines are still awaiting replacement, 12 January 2022
Benign environmental conditions, low maintenance costs among factors resulting in Tamil Nadu’s 2-decade-old turbines still being in use
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Climate change: Is UK prepared for increased flood risks? No, says new report, 11 January 2022
UK has been hit by flash flooding 51 times since 2007
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Deforestation increases frequency of thunderstorms locally in West Africa: Study, 11 January 2022
Study shows storm frequency has doubled in the region in 30 years
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Hailstones ‘as big as berries’: Farmers in MP’s Niwari district suffer immense crop losses, 10 January 2022
Cold weather in Madhya Pradesh due to western disturbances expected to last till January 12
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2021 was NOT the hottest year on record; so should we be worried?
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Down To Earth
Why was 2021 different for the Greenland Ice Sheet?
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