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January 15 – January 20, 2022
Dear readers,

2021 was one of the hottest years on record, and 2021 was the sixth warmest year since 1880.

According to the Forest Survey of India, over 45% of India’s forests will become ‘climate hotspots’ by 2030.

Indian agriculture needs to become resilient to climate change, and some strategies are available here.

The Tonga volcanic eruption may influence the global climate and its shockwaves were felt as far as Chennai.

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2021 was one of the hottest years on record – and it could also be the coldest we’ll ever see again, 20 January 2022
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Down To Earth Forest Survey report 2021: Over 45% of India’s forests will become ‘climate hotspots’ by 2030, 19 January 2022
2021 sixth warmest year since 1880, 17 January 2022
The January-December 2021 average global surface temperature was the sixth highest since global records began in 1880
Indian agriculture: The route post-CoP 26, 18 January 2022
Strategies and pathways that can make Indian agriculture resilient and sustainable in a changing climate
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Switch to renewables can grow Africa’s economy by 6.4% in 2050: IRENA, 19 January 2022
Energy-efficiency investments have the potential to create more than 5.2 million jobs between 2019 and 2030 in Africa
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Untimely January rain damages rabi crop, vegetables in Odisha’s Nuapada, 19 January 2022
The spell of winter showers affected the small and big farmers alike
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Lanka President talks green agriculture, renewable energy, electric vehicles in Parliament address, 18 January 2022
Sri Lanka’s ultimate goal to promote use of bio-fertilisers in order to create an international market for non-toxic agricultural produce, says Gotabaya Rajapaksa
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Will Tonga volcanic eruption affect global climate?, 17 January 2022
The Tonga volcanic cloud contains roughly 0.4 Teragram of sulphur dioxide and has reached an altitude of 30 km, which will not have a significant cooling effect
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