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January 20 – January 27, 2022
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This week we learn why India’s environmental clearance system is broken, such that ease of doing business takes precedence.

Climate change has made Nepal’s glaciers vulnerable, made cyclones in the Sundarbans more frequent and severe, and impacted lives in Ladakh.

Globally, we find out why Indonesia is changing its capital, and what has happened after the volcano at Tonga.

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‘Rising mercury is making Nepal glaciers vulnerable’, 25 January 2022
Down To Earth
Down To Earth Sundarbans is cyclone capital of India: IMD report, 24 January 2022
Our broken system of environmental clearance, 27 January 2022
Environmental impact assessment has become a convoluted exercise, designed for futility
Biomass co-firing: NTPC retrofits 13 power stations. Will other companies be able to follow suit?, 25 January 2022
Companies cite several constraints in adopting technology, experts call for government support
Ease of doing business takes precedence over environmental and social concerns in project review process, 21 January 2022
The office memorandum has taken a very myopic view of any perceived delay in appraisal for environmental clearance
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Water, Africa’s Gold: Climate change, deforestation behind Madagascar’s water scarcity, 24 January 2022
Madagascar, though blessed with abundant water, has recently undergone a change in its hydrological cycle, due to global warming, leading to drought and famine
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On thin ice: Less snow, high temperatures have upturned lives in Himalayan cold desert, 22 January 2022
Ladakh’s Average temperature has increased in last 3 decades while precipitation had reduced; Rainfall has also decreased in Lahaul-Spiti & Kinnaur
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Hydrogen costs to fall over 95% by 2050, predicts report, 21 January 2022
Green hydrogen technology will fill the gap between renewable energy and Net Zero carbon emissions
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